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Solar Promise

Project Description

CleanEnergy4All’s focus is to help fragile communities benefit from the clean energy revolution. The Solar Promise Program is an extension of this vision and is the first truly affordable residential solar system package for working and low-income households. Along with the help of vendor partners, CE4A will install a solar system for ½ the national installation average, with lifetime electrical savings for the homeowner ranging from $87,000-$114,000.

Why should a homeowner consider the Solar Promise Program? 

  • Purchase of the solar system requires no out of pocket money from owner.
  • A Solar Promise System adds value to your home.
  • Receive a Federal Tax Credit and pay less money to the IRS.
  • Reduce your electric bill each month.
  • Put part of the utility savings into your pocket.
  • Help make a positive impact on the environment.

The Solar Promise Program is focused in California and CE4A has anticipated all the details to ensure the successful installation systems upon hundreds of low income homes. CE4A believes that solar belongs on every roof and is dedicated to helping lower income households share in clean energy movement. With the Solar Promise program, CE4A clean energy is a reality for low income families—game changer

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